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A major threat to youth- unemployment

One of the major issue which the people around us are facing is unemployment. Unemployment is like a major threat to most of the youth in today’s time. Even in India, we have majority of people who are unemployed. Certain issues like unemployment take a very bad form especially when conditions are worst like endemic or pandemic. Earlier records of the lifestyle of the unemployed ones have been so disappointing like a thingummy. Considering with respect to today’s time the situation of the local people has become worse than before. The alarming number of the unemployed have weakened the Indian economic system.

Initializing the root of this problem of unemployment, we see education as an essential criteria. Education is the right of every individual despite colour, caste, creed, race or gender. Every child needs to be educated. Development of more and more schools especially for the poor people should be encouraged. Unless and until each child is educated, we cannot even dream of a better place to live. Why there are situations where people fail to send their off springs to school? One of the major reason for this practice is that they do not have enough money to pay the fees. Since there is dearth of money in their house and they cannot afford to have a lifestyle of their own. They are made to do things and they do not even have a choice. Once, they must have faced the problem of unemployment and somehow they were made to choose a way of life which they cannot help. This is how the circle or the loop of unemployment goes on and on from generation to generation. This situation gives rise to the lack of opportunities or the facilities for the ones who need them badly. Children from such families lose their childhood and they live in a world where they are mature before age. Opportunities are a dream and just a dream for them and they have accepted this fact.

Corruption also plays a major role for this problem of unemployment. Today, we see that the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. The disturbing part is that now the government have somehow worked on providing the facilities or at least improving the education related opportunities for the poor and underprivileged ones. There had been a change in the number of students going to schools and colleges. Apart from all these factors, corruption still prevails. There are many examples of this as well. People appearing for difficult exams must have seen the different criteria of admission. Some people are there who pass by giving a test and their hard work pays off, while the rich people do not have the same story. They live in a society where “money” and “power” dominates “hard work”. The children from rich families never face how difficult life is as seen from the perspective of common people. Getting high quality education and getting placements are like a cup of tea for them. The story does not end here. Just like the loop of unemployment goes on, in a similar way, we have a hierarchical chain of corruption which also goes on and on. People who have connections with large institutes or parties get the most of facilities in various fields as compared to the common people.

“Connections” play a role to the rich in a way “talent” plays for the middle class. Even if the people are placed in a position or job due to some uneven means. They themselves know that they are merely a liability not only for the company they work but also for the Indian economy. Fulfilling the seats of vacancy and shutting down the opportunities for the ones who deserve has resulted in a huge liability. People just have the degree but no knowledge. How can we expect of employment from them if nothing practical can be done about them? Most of them either end up dropping out or waste their time and money on irrelevant things, rather than being an asset to the Indian economy. This also raise a huge competition. Competition is good only when it is done by fair means and only the deserving ones are allowed to participate.

Today, India has overcome a lot more from these kind of problems that rise from illegal means. But still in some areas of development, improvement is must. If we want to fight against unemployment, we need our policies and principles to be fair enough. Every individual needs to get a chance for education and to bring their potential into practical use for the betterment of the society. One should also be open to new ideas. Personally one cannot rely on one’s salary to meet the basic needs of life. Since we see the phase of a better India every day, we need to be well prepared with all our capabilities to face the competition and win by true means.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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