A Musical Comedy Show That Truly Left Everyone Yearning for More

The extra large stage setting with several musicians on it with a simple background and lots of lights, sound and glitter was presented by Comedian Philip Pereira and everyone from the young dancers accompanying the singers to the senior-most and popular stage artistes, based in Kuwait, added to it with the much acclaimed and professional singers of the likes of Marcus Vaz, Sonia Shirsat, Adolf Fernandes, Gracy Morais, Rony D’Cunha and Laurence Aniceto had a field day for Konkani lovers of music and songs at the American International School. 

The toppings on the comedy by Comedians Joana, Querobina and Sally was added to it on the simple, but a story with a lesson to learn in this comedy musical  ‘Ani, Anik Zaiem’ and surely the audience loved to the end.  

This is Comedian Philip’s 3rd musical show in Kuwait and as the chief guest of the day Asha Bader voiced “the Director of the show will be missed” as he is planned to bid ‘goodbye’ to Kuwait to settle in his homeland, Goa.

The one act play interspersed with laughter and songs galore had all the ingredients of a full tiatr flavour. 

Interestingly, almost every Goan association and Mangalorean social and cultural outfits had their representation felt among the full house auditorium.  Needless to say, the organizers are to be commended for giving a full on start to the upcoming season of entertainment!  

Full on, Comedian Philip!

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