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A Portuguese Citizen as MLA of an Indian State

In shocking revelation by the Ministry of External Affairs of Portugal to the Embassy of Portugal in India BJP MLA from Aldona constituency Glenn Ticlo surrendered his Portuguese citizenship on January 14th, 2013. This clearly establishes the fact that the BJP MLA was not an Indian citizen when he contested the Goa Assembly Elections in March 2012.

The letter has now posed an issue before the Union Home Ministry to decide whether Ticlo was an Indian citizen when he contested Assembly election in Goa, the state of Indian Union.

As per the election rules, no foreign citizen can contest election in India.

Based on this, Melwyn Fernandes had filed a petition before the Union Home Ministry on 9 Janaury this year, stating that Ticlo is not Indian citizen but a Portuguese citizen.

In retaliation, Ticlo had approached the Bombay high court at Panaji, to direct the Union Home Ministry not to go into this issue, claiming it to be “politically motivated.”

As per the Portuguese law, any person who registered his birth in Portugal becomes a Portuguese citizen.

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