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A Raja not the only Central Minister involved in Goa Mining Scam, Chidambaram also

In an earlier expose ‘2G Raja played decisive role in Goa Illegal Mining’ we highlighted the involvement of the Centre in the over Rs 12,000 crore mining scam in the state, but, if Anti-Corruption crusader and Janata Party president Subramanium Swamy’s allegation are to be considered then it appears that the current Union Home Minister and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram could also be directly involved in the illegal mining scam in Goa.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday on his visit to Goa, Swamy alleged that when present home minister P Chidambaram was the finance minister between 2004 and 2007, he fiddled with export duties on mining ore so that mining companies like Vedanta reaped huge profits.

While currently under the pursuit of justice on the 2G Scam, Swamy stated that he will take up the issue of illegal mining in Goa and Chidambaram involvement in the scam more aggressively post his campaign to bring the guilty to book on the 2G scam, in which Chidambaram has also been allegedly involved.


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