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A Tribute to Delhi’s Gang Rape Victim

Here is a poem I wrote as a tribute to the young girl who died after a most gruesome crime; may she continue to inspire the fight for a safer country for our women and children-


Here is a story of a young woman

With hopes and dreams to life

Someday become a successful doctor

Someday be a doting mother and wife


But life had another horrible plan

She was gang raped by six men brutally

Fighting life and death in hospital she lay

Wondering why did life bowl her such a tragic googly


Here spirit to fight continued physically and mentally

She wanted her rapists to pay for what their crime

But the damage done to her body was severe

That with her life she ran out of time


Her rape woke up a sleeping nation

Her death will keep it wide awake

Rapes are happening everyday to our country’s women

We fail each time, because stricter laws we fail to make


But the truth if it must be told is that

Our society still treats a woman bad

Rape is just an exhibition of male overpowering nature

It continues unabated and that is sad


I pray that as a nation we pay attention

We have mothers, wives, sisters and or a daughter

It is time to create a secure and safe nation

Where our women live with joy and laughter.

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