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Tejas Barve pursued Mechanical Engineering from Goa College of Engineering. He wants to bring a change in the world for which, he found his own start-up and is currently working towards building it. In conversation, with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What according to you is the future of Goa?

Tejas: There many opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Sector. Multi-National Companies are moving out of China and investing in India. There’s going to be employment for youth. What were the difficulties you faced during Covid?

Tejas: In my opinion, Lockdown was a better step taken. It prevented consequences. Some of us were unable to get resources, banks were closed. However, when the lockdown was unlocked many critical situations were seen and experienced. The cases have been exponentially increasing. We’ve crossed USA. Now, people do not take social distancing seriously. Is India heading in the right direction?

Tejas: I think it is. Pandemic is a Global Problem. The world is suffering but other than that India is progressing. The imagination people or leaders had in the past are coming true. India is turning into a ‘Superpower’ country. We have come a long way. How do you think Goa CM is handling the situation?

Tejas: According to me, Goa is doing quite better compared to Delhi and states like Maharashtra. India is not the only place where people are suffering with regards to Covid. The current situation has taught us to either live with the virus or lose everything. What according to you is hindering the progress of India?

Tejas: Indian Forces are trying to bring a change but people are protesting the new policies even if those policies provide a quality life. The schemes are usually not accepted and people go violent on the streets. The reasons for which this is done is not even sensible.

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