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A working woman’s lockdown struggle

Piedade Oliveria has been working as a peon at Forum for Innovation Incubation Research & Entrepreneurship (FiiRE) for the past two years. In conversation with Do you think we have many job opportunities in Goa?

Piedade: Goa does have a considerable amount of job openings, but I feel Goans are deprived of those opportunities by preferring non-Goans in those positions. How has COVID-19 impacted your life?

Piedade: I had a difficult time during the initial phases of the lockdown that was imposed in March. Being a working woman, I did not get sufficient time to stock up groceries and daily essentials. Though it was announced that the government had made provisions to provide essentials at the doorstep, this was not made available to us. For the initial few days, we had to manage with whatever grocery that was available in our home. How do you think our CM Pramod Sawant has handled the pandemic situation?

Piedade: CM managed to handle the situation efficiently during the strict lockdown that was imposed from March 22 in Goa. Everything went well till May. But chaos kicked in when the state borders were opened up. COVID-19 cases in Goa shot up rapidly and the situation went out of control. My family, including me, was tested positive for COVID-19, but we did not receive any assistance from the government during our quarantine period. If given a chance to bring about a change in the country, what would you do?

Piedade: If given a chance, I will work for the betterment of the underprivileged. I will provide employment for the youth. Is India heading in the right direction?

Piedade: There have been a lot of improvements in the country over the past few years, so I guess we are heading in the right direction.

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