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AAINAA – MY BEAUTY, MY SECRET – connecting Parlour, Salon, Jeweller and Dress Maker and promoting them worldwide

KOLKATA, India, Jan. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We feel elated to announce the launch of our Android and iOS mobile applications titled “AAINAA – My Beauty, My Secret”. Aainaa is an online Business Listing as well as Appointment Booking app (Powered by British Online platform Lam Aid Ltd. An UK based MNC.) where dress makers, jewellers, salon or parlour owners, Beauticians can list their business services and let their customers book an appointment online for availing their services/products. Such type of business listing mobile application, allows customers to discover the best dress maker, salon or jeweller at their nearby locations.

Salient features of AAINAA:

  • Aainaa mobile application allows business owners to reach a wide number of users online just by listing their business service online at Aainaa under different categories and specifying necessary details such as store location, service prices etc.
  • Business owners can view their business listing details as well such as package selected for listing their services online at Aainaa app. Date of joining in Aainaa app, the expiry date of the selected package, profile ID, payment mode selected, and status of payment etc are some of the other details that can be viewed by businesses at Aainaa app.
  • In addition, Aainaa provides a special feature to business owners i.e. “Offers” and this feature allows businesses to highlight their special offers or discount to their customers on the services they deal with. Along with this, the duration of time during which the offer will be valid can also be mentioned by businesses.
  • Online Appointment Booking process of Aainaa app works in such a way that it allows service providers (Jewellers, Dress makers, Salon/Parlour owners) to see all the appointments booked with them and confirms the appointment booked by the users. Moreover, business service providers can suggest a different time for an appointment to users that needs to be confirmed by the business owners/service providers by themselves.

Apart from the aforementioned features, Aainaa app provides various features to its users as well that are described as follows:

  • Aainaa is a single online platform that helps in connecting users with parlour/salon shops, jewellery shops and dress-makers online and avail their services as per their requirements.
  • Search option is available in Aainaa app that allows users to search for their best business service provider (Jeweller, dress maker, salon or parlour owner) on the basis of a different city, state, country, Title, or category.
  • Users can book their appointment online by selecting specifying the name of the visitor, contact details of the visitor, booking date and time as well.
  • Moreover, Aainaa app allows users to view their appointment status as well whether their appointment has been fixed or is still pending.
  • In order to allow users to search for their best affordable salon, jeweller, and dress maker near them, Aainaa app provides another feature i.e. Compare prices. Using this feature, users can compare the prices of the similar services available by different providers within their specified budget.
  • Another major feature of Aainaa App is that customers can avail business services with respect to the parlour, jewellery, etc that fit not only their style and beauty but also fit their budget.

What we are offering:

  • Free Membership – $0/2 months (Total Offers – 0)
  • Monthly Subscription – $20/1 Month (Total Offers – 2)
  • Half Yearly Subscription – $90 /6 Months (Total Offers – 10)
  • Yearly Subscription – $180/1 Year (Total Offers – 25)

Register your business services (Jewellery, Parlour/Salon, Beautician, Dress/ Boutique Shop and Dress Makers) online FREE and EXPAND YOUR CUSTOMER REACH WORLDWIDE.

Lam Aid Ltd is one of the leading Mobile Application Company known as the “The King of Mobile Applications” is an online renowned Mobile Applications Company that is committed to transform the ideas into applications that run across different platforms such as Android and iOS devices.

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Our iOS Mobile App is available at

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Aainaa is a British Online platform by Lam Aid Ltd. A UK based MNC, pioneering in web based and hybrid mobile based applications, in diversified domains

Contact information:

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams

President & CEO (UK)

Lam Aid Limited


Cell: +44 0744 030 4828

Media Contact : Madhushree Banerjee,, + 91 9748888911, Business Administrator (India), Lam Aid Limited

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