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AAP an RSS stooge: Goa’s RTI Activists

Two Goa’s known RTI activists and amongst the front benchers in Goa’s anti-corruption drive Aires Rodrigues and Jowett D’Souza see Aam Aadmi Party – Goa Unit as an RSS stooge formed to assist BJP to capture the political mind-space of people in Goa.

According to Rodrigues, “The concern regarding the credentials and genuineness of the Aam Aadmi Party (APP) is on account of it being strategically steered and geared by some Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) pracharaks. We are witnessing it in Goa too. “

Rodrigues further added perception is growing of it being the undercover incognito B team of the BJP with some naïve altar boys drafted in the usual saffron shrewd style to split the anti-BJP secular votes. The background and also lineage of some of the members of this outfit will expose the true colours of these power-thirsty hounds.

AAP-Goa Unit political head Dinesh Vaghela appears to be the main issue of contention. “Vaghela is a Gujarati not a Goan. It is also a known fact that Vaghela has strong RSS connections and is practically an RSS man. All those joining AAP now, were the same people who came out in the open to support Manohar Parrikar to form BJP government. We all know how the BJP-government is functioning,” expressed Jowett D’Souza – a RTI activist who took on the Goa Police department on the custodial deaths of Cipriano and Babita

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