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AAP condemns suppression of civil society protests by BJP

Panaji:The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Goa on Sunday condemned in the strongest terms the suppression of civil society protests against the rise of crimes against women in Goa.

In a statement, AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre said citizens and youth had planned a silent candle march at Miramar circle but the protest was prohibited and suppressed at the behest of Pramod Sawant.

”Citizens asked why this alacrity was not shown in protecting the lives of women.

To add insult to injury the BJP and Mr Sawant permitted their partners the Congress to take out a rally but denied the same to Goa’s civic society and youth. This doublespeak is not surprising considering that the Congress did not rebuke the CM for his statements in the Assembly.

The fact is that the week saw three rape victims in the state. Many are outraged at the lack of concrete action taken to reassure women of their safety and also by the Chief Ministers statements pinning the blame of the rape on victims and their families instead of condemning the rapists,” he said.

He said Goans felt that instead of wasting energy targeting those condemning the incident, the government could support the victims of the rapes last week and ensure justice was met.

”Without stern steps the perpetrators of such crimes will only be emboldened further.  Enough is enough. Instead of stopping protests it is time that Pramod Sawant began outlining what concrete steps he will take to prevent a repeat, what concrete steps he will take to help the victims and their families and if he cannot even do that he must resign,” Mhambre said.

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