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AAP Goa demands incorporation of 73rd and 74th Amendment in TCP Act

Aam Adami Party (AAP) in Goa on Monday demanded that the State Government immediately incorporate the 73rd and 74th amendment into the Town and Country Planning (TCP) Act so that planning was done with people’s participation.

Addressing a press conference in the city, AAP leaders Pradeep Padgaokar, Dean Dcruz and
Siddharth Karapurkar demanded that all existing Planning and Development Authorities (PDAs) must be scrapped and Outline Development Plans (OPS) de-notified, accepting people’s true participation in planning henceforth.

“Keep the RP (Regional Plan) 2021 in abeyance till the TCP Act is amended to include peoples participation. Send the draft RP to the villages for ratification with clear guidelines, using people’s participation through ward planning and Gram Sabhas to finalize the same,” they demanded.

“The AAP has been formed to stand by the people in the face of rampant abuse of our democratic system by self serving politicians. AAP’s ideology of Swaraj and self governance at the local level has already been incorporated into the 73rd and 74th amendment of the constitution, however this has not been implemented in Goa,” they said, alleging the abuse of power and land use was reflected in the manner in which the RP 2021 had been reinstated, without public scrutiny as was promised when it was kept in abeyance.

“The RP 2021 needed corrections of insertions that went against the overall interest of Goa, shown as large ‘proposed’ roads servicing suspect settlement areas, very large eco-tourism projects, and randomly placed industrial zones and other suspect zones like film cities, MIZs etc. The original Plan was to be ratified by the villages before their notification. However this was notified without correction or peoples participation and has been placed in its entirety for action as of March 2018,” they claimed.

We ask why the Government has not incorporated the power of grass roots planning into its local Acts as yet, having notified a Bill in March 2009, which lapsed, leaving the usual chaos. This was done by the Congress Government, and with total silence by the BJP thereafter. We ask why such reluctance to devolve power to the people, and why the silence of the opposition?,” they said.

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