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AAP Goa launches ‘Oxi-Mitra’ drive

Panjim: Goa unit of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday launched what was termed as ‘Oxi-Mitra’ drive through deployment of volunteers armed with Pulse Oximeters across villages and towns of Goa to check oxygen levels of people in need as well as provide one to covid patients who cannot get one.

Launching the drive at the hands of Dr Mariano Godinho, former medical officer with the Government of Goa, in the presence of party functionaries, AAP Convenor Elvis Gomes said despite the party’s attempt by even meeting the Chief Minister in person, the common man was not getting the desired attention of an an already overstretched medical system that the Pramod Sawant Government had failed to strengthen.

He said AAP that had succeeded in gaining the confidence of the common man in the fight against COVID-19 in Delhi, could not altogether leave the ‘Aam Aadmi’ of Goa at the mercy of an unresponsive establishment. He said Oximeters provided to the people had come handy in helping ascertain Oxygen levels in people that was in turn helpful in decision making whether to hospitalise the patient or not. He said AAP volunteers designated as “Oximitras” will be deployed in every village and town of Goa to help the people who were prone to panic on the slightest pretext.

Dr Godinho, who launched the drive by testing the oximeter on Gomes, demonstrated the procedure used in using the oximeter which involved sanitisation of the finger before and after use, the use of gloves as well as face shield so as to minimise risk to the volunteer. He said the service would build confidence among the people particularly those with symptoms to know their oxygen levels as depletion of oxygen was the main cause of complications in any covid patient.

“These Oximitras will be armed with a pulse Oximeter. We are urging every Goan who has fever, experience breathlessness or have a cough, to connect with their designated Oximitra who will come and check their oxygen level. If their oxygen level is low they will also help them get further medical attention. In COVID we often witness a phenomenon called ’Happy Hypoxia’, wherein a patient may have dangerously low levels of oxygen but may not have any awareness about it,” Godinho said.

Gomes charged at the government with not being transparent enough and not having a comprehensive plan to fight covid.

“Are we expected to just sit by idly and watch daily loss of lives of our fellow Goans ? Instead of taking assistance from all quarters, the government was getting embedded in corruption as was highlighted by the media,” Gomes said, stating that from daily briefings by CM, health Secretary to a bulletin full of inconsistencies was showing that the government had given transparency a complete go by.


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