AAP Leaders abuse; Twitter Administration sleeps

On Monday, it was found out that several AAP leaders believe in hurling vile abuses at Hindu Gods, religious leaders, opposition parties and their leaders, the PM of the country and every Tom, Dick and Harry; and all twitter does is let them have a free run.

On Monday, as vile and abusive tweets posted by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Virender Singh Kadian came to light, a massive controversy sparked, and netizens demanded the leader to be sacked by the party with immediate effect. His old tweets went viral on social media which were written using derogatory language against Hindus, women, journalists, political opponents, and media personalities too.

Kadian, after receiving the party ticket, secured his seat from the constituency of Delhi Cantt in South- West Delhi. After being called out for using a language which is deplorable beyond imagination and cannot be condoned at all, that too if coming from a democratically elected leader, the AAP MLA claimed that his twitter handle was hacked and tweeted, “I want to inform everyone that my verified account has been hacked. Someone has tweeted utterly vile tweets from my account. I am taking legal action against that person.”

Although amusingly, abusive, and despicable tweets uploaded using his handle date back to the year 2017 and this clearly has no link to the claim he is currently making, that is his account being hacked.

Tweets, including those from 2017 which are now available on the internet in the form of screen shots, show how Kadian was engaged in abusing Hindu deities and Godmen and their followers.

It has been noted that he was constantly involved in abusing people who do not agree to his political ideologies. In one of his tweets, he compared a twitter user to a pig and said that pigs never change.

The AAP MLA was also seen abusing the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and BJP leader Kapil Mishra. To take a dig at his political opponents, he shamelessly used misogynistic comments while abusing them.

In a few tweets written back in 2018, Kadian was also seen to be making abominable comments against former India TV journalist Sushant Sinha. Crossing all limits of civility, he abused Sinha’s mother too and accused him of incest! He didn’t even spare the viewers of ZEE News and hurled at them the most despicable of abuses.

Once these tweets came to the fore, netizens started asking for strict action against the AAP MLA. On the same note, Tajindar Pal Singh Bagga, BJP spokesperson tweeted, “Shame on @ArvindKejriwal for giving ticket to anti- Hindu Virender Singh Kadian. I am going to file FIR (through my advocate) against him tomorrow. I demand Kejriwal to throw him from his party immediately and apologise to Hindus.”

Several other twitter users tagged the concerned authorities and asked for the MLA’s expulsion. Netizens went further on to question Arvind Kejriwal for the kind of individuals he welcomes into his political party.

Amidst the rising demands of his ouster and appropriate legal action to be taken against him, following his questionable claim of his account being hacked, Kadian first made his handle private and later deleted it to conceal his wrongdoings but his attempt at making things obscure turned futile.

Earlier than promised, Bagga filed a complaint on Monday itself. The complaint mentions that Kadian has ‘deliberately and intentionally’ posted the abusive tweet mentioning ‘33 crore fake Hindu Gods’ which is an extremely derogatory and abusive language used for revered Hindu deities.

The complaint requested the authorities to take stringent action against Virender Singh Kadian and register an FIR under sections 295-A, 153, 153-A, 504 and 505 of the IPC under Information Technology Act and other applicable laws.

Shockingly, hours after this controversy erupted, several other AAP leaders found themselves under similar circumstances. Tweets by the IT Cell head of AAP, Prabhakar Pandey went viral after Kadian’s.

In a couple of tweets dating back to 2014, Pandey can be seen abusing and targeting people for being ‘Modi supporters’. In an instance, he continued to abuse a twitter user for the same and abused his mother as well. After this went viral, Pandey made his twitter account private to steer clear of further repercussions and as a guard against being exposed further.

Besides Pandey, an AAP supporter, Dr. Safin, and his tweets became the talking point when his abusive tweets went viral on the same day. Even he could be seen abusing the supporters of the BJP and the party itself. In 2015, he indulged in abusing Indian media and made filthy comments against the fourth pillar of democracy. Following what seemed to be the AAP trend now, Safin was seen making derogatory comments against random twitter users.

Apart from the party leaders, AAP trolls are habitual offenders. In a tweet dating back to 2014, AAP troll who goes by the name Kapil could be spotted abusing BJP and its supporters.

After all these social media shenanigans which stand exposed, the moot point remains the same. Twitter has once again proven to be a highly biased and ignorant platform. On the one hand, the platform suspends right- wingers in a jiffy if they bust the lies being spread on social media or talk plain facts; on the other, such filthy demeanor continues to be shown on the same platform by people belonging to political parties Twitter has no problem with. Therefore, the platform doesn’t bother to address the elephant in the room!

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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