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AAP to contest two Lok Sabha seats from Goa

Aam Admi Party (AAP) plans to field candidates in both the Lok Sabha seats in Goa. “Goa is an ideal state for the AAP as people are disillusioned with the BJP government,” AAP’s national council member Dinesh Vaghela said.

Vaghela said AAP would script a surprise in many states and Goa would not be an exception.

He said that in Goa, the people had overwhelmingly supported the Manohar Parrikar-led BJP in the last assembly election but in less than two years, the government has failed to deliver.

“You cannot trust political parties which fool the people with false promises only to come to power. The government, despite having a majority, has let down the people of Goa on several counts,” he said.

Vaghela said there was a written assurance that the Goa Lokayukta Bill would be on the lines of Uttarakhand Lokayukta Act, but the government didn’t introduce the amendment which would have made the anti-corruption institution-right from selection of Lokayukta to its functioning-transparent and effective to curb and punish the corrupt.

The BJP, he said, had also promised to strengthen the gram sabhas at the village level but the government has instead virtually diluted the powers of gram sabhas.

Vaghela also commented on the government’s casino policy and pointed out that traffic police road dividers advertise casino companies.

“That is why you see that prominent persons who had supported Parrikar before the assembly polls, are now talking against him,” Vaghela said, explaining why the socio-economic-political atmosphere in Goa is conducive for AAP. He added that RSS leader Subhash Velingkar at a meeting in Mayem on Sunday spoke on the BJP government’s failure to resolve the evacuee property issue.

AAP, he said, will hold meetings with like-minded people and after consultations shortlist candidates for the parliamentary polls.

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