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AAP Women’s Front demands for a full-fledged women police station in South Goa

The Women’s Front (WF) of Aam Aadmi Party Goa on Monday petitioned the Superintendent of Police, South, demanding a full fledged women police station (WPS) in South Goa.

The delegation of women members led by AAP Goa leader Rajeshree Nagarsekar, in their petition titled, ‘Travesty of Women Police Station’ (WPS), sought to seek redressal of multiple problems plaguing the facility housed in a dilapidated room, in a corner of the south Goa police headquarters.

“Deprived of all basic amenities and severely lacking in facilities, the south Goa WPS,
which is supposed to cater to the entire south Goa women population, belies all government claims of women’s development and empowerment,” claimed Nagarsekar, while adding that the problems faced by the survivors and their relatives was regularly brought to the notice of WF during their ongoing outreach program conducted under the banner, Women as Leaders for Change.

“Fears of reprisal, social stigma, poor conviction rates and mis-treatment by an overwhelmingly male police force have been major reasons for holding women back. Therefore, the setting up of women police stations (WPS) with the main objective to tackle gender violence, is a result of widespread under-reporting of crimes by female victims, especially when it comes to sexual violence. WPS were introduced to cater to and address issues exclusively pertaining to women: physical abuse, sexual harassment, dowry harassment, domestic violence, cases involving out-raging the modesty of women, voyeurism, stalking, etc prevalent in Goa,” she added.

“However, as police help desks for women, which were set up at some police stations few
years ago were rendered defunct, owing to lack of women staff, the government announced replacing these with ‘women help bench’ round the clock, manned by women, with lady police sub inspectors — to assist women in distress. But this too has been rendered a mere pompous announcement. On paper, there are two women police stations in the state of Goa.

However, while the north Goa WPS is in a workable condition though not up to the mark, the women and child protection cell (WCPC) housed at the south Goa police headquarters in Margao is in a sorry condition. Despite growing cases of crime against women, the State government has failed to open more women’s police stations as mandated by law nor have been able to provide the existing ones with requiredinfrastructure,” read the petition.

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