Abhishek Bansal appointed member of NSE’s Expert Advisory committee for Bullion

Mumbai, Dec 20 (IEBusiness) Abhishek Bansal, Founder, ABans Group of Companies, has been appointed as a member of NSE’s newly-constituted Expert Advisory Committee for Bullion which has been specifically
set up for the proposed introduction of a Bullion Spot Exchange and would be comprising experts specifically from the commodity derivatives & bullion markets.

A veteran industry leader with over 16 years of experience,  Bansal is also an active contributor to the developments in the commodities and derivatives markets in India and currently serves as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India as well.

On his appointment, Bansal stated, ‘I feel highly privileged and am deeply humbled on being appointed as a member of the Expert Advisory Committee for Bullion and extend my sincere word of thanks to NSE in this regard. The Expert Advisory Committee would play a pivotal role in setting up of the proposed Bullion Spot Exchange. As a member of this illustrious committee, it would be my endeavour to provide appropriate insights and recommendations for the deepening of the bullion market in India.’

National Stock Exchange (NSE) currently offers three deliverable commodity futures contract on bullion commodities i.e. Gold, Gold mini and Silver. NSE is also working towards the introduction of a Bullion Spot Exchange. For this purpose, an Expert Advisory Committee has been setup comprising experts from various reputed associations, advisors, members etc. The key role of the committee is to deliberate on such subject matters as may be placed before the committee, to discuss the various nuances and needs of the commodity derivatives market and offer its expert views on deepening the bullion market.

Via UNI-India

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