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Above Average Rainfall and More Expected

Although Goa has received bountiful rainfall this year, having crossed the average by now, more rains are expected in the current month according to the Meteorological Department at Panjim.

Monsoons hit Goa on 9th June and since then it has been raining continuously with only two short dry spells observed on 10th June and 21st September. The rainfall so far recorded is 132 inches and is set to surpass the record 134 inches of rainfall received in the year 2007.

Meanwhile Canacona which witnessed horrific scenes last year following a cloudburst that left many people stranded as their houses were badly damaged, household articles destroyed and washed away and fields and plantations ravaged, experienced incessant rainfall on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday, reviving the nightmares of the previous year.

It started raining heavily on Thursday night with strong winds accompanying. Many people who had gone to bed were woken up with the nature’s fury as many houses started leaking. The accompanying thunder and lightning made the residents worry whether last year’s disaster would be repeated.

However, Friday morning the rains subsides leaving behind many uprooted trees and water and slush everywhere.


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