Absence of Strong Opposition

A Party that plays big Hands on Nation

Strong opposition is extremely important for a healthy democracy. The main role of the opposition party is to “constructively” criticize the policies taken up by the ruling government with proper facts. But went the opposition starts criticizing and protesting violently against the ruling party just for sake of power, it is extremely harmful and dangerous for the democracy. It is also the role of the opposition to have a proper check on various activities, expenditures, etc. and if needed, question the ruling government with facts and not on “belief”. As an example, in 2019 Rahul “believed” and claimed in different general election rallies, that Rafael was a scam and his baseless false belief, threw the INC into huge trouble. There are many such examples. Furthermore, it comes under the responsibility of the opposition to look after problems of common people and make the ruling government aware of them. Whereas the current opposition is busy creating a lot of problems for the common man and maligning the ruling government on the baseless self-created ruckus. It is also said that the leader of the opposition is a shadow of the Prime Minister, but nowadays it feels that leader of the opposition is a shadow of the enemy Nation’s Prime Minister. Bitterness is generated by anti-national forces against our Nation and opposition is openly supporting it. They grab every available opportunity to generate hatred and project our country as intolerant globally. This is one of the most dangerous challenges that this nation faces.

Most national and regional parties are made up of families. These people only exist to protect their family interests. And this does not stop here, various heinous activities are held which lead to corruption and numerous activities against national interest. Such parties are limited to “family-politics”. These family-oriented political parties are sources of dictatorship. This is what India witnessed in 1975 during an emergency. And today, despite no democracy in vadra congress, the party continues to exist.

From 2004-2014, in 10 years of UPA rule, grave problems and numerous conspiracies against the Nation by a “Family-Dominated” government were revealed. India witnessed terrible corruption being unfolded, but it seemed as if UPA never cared. They were a way much overconfident and reckless with a feeling that our Nation is their personal property, and they can do whatever they want with our Nation and get away with it easily. Else, no other party would appoint a 51-year-old naive, inexperienced, and totally misleading person like Mr. Rahul Gandhi as its leader who keeps failing every now and then. And for his alternative, the party would come up with Mrs. Vadra who has no track record or experience, the only qualification she has is a Gandhi-Vadra surname. And hence, to consider these guys as leaders is absurd and obnoxious. This is also the reason that many senior, experienced, and capable leaders are leaving the party and a lot of disturbance is going on among top-level leaders.

The main difference between the ruling government and INC or any other Family-Oriented party is, the ruling party practices democracy at each and every level unlike Family-Oriented parties following a sort of monarchic model. Leaders who have understanding and logic but not enough money and the much-needed “Gandhi” surname, leave the party. These points reveal the true colors of opposition.

The point is that no one should be in power forever. It is not so good idea to say that BJP should always remain in power. In fact, when Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay (leader of Bhartiya Jan Sangh), who played a major role in forming BJP was asked that what if your party comes to power and is degenerated similarly like INC, he replied that Bhartiya Jan Sangh should be replaced, and opposition should be brought to power. A huge and richly cultured Nation like India which is on a way to become a superpower should have a couple of national forces working towards the betterment of the Nation, committed to nationalism, who should have a great vision of India and an appropriate strategy for the upliftment of the Nation.

The tragedy is that in such a huge Nation we don’t have a single political party in the Nation which can offer a competing alternate vision of better India both nationally and internationally. There is no doubt that the NDA has taken extremely remarkable and phenomenal steps in the betterment of the Nation and India made significant progress in almost each and every sector under the rule of the BJP. However, we cannot be elated by the fact the BJP has no opposition. It is a huge matter of concern that we do not have any political alternative to the current ruling government. For BJP to be more efficient, productive, and well organized and even not to degenerate, it needs a strong opposition. The decline of the political parties coming easily to power is very easy. Congress is the best example of it.

Now the current scenario is somewhat like this: INC is reduced to a mere family affair they don’t believe in giving chance or opportunity to the talented and experienced and that is also causing huge rifts in the party as we see every other day. Moreover, their party prince who is in perpetual waiting keeps on trying various techniques to break the Nation by his obnoxious speeches and tweets. So, congress in its present state has no capacity to provide an alternative to the ruling party. India needs an effective, non-family, democratic, and nationalist party.

Now, putting congress aside, some of the parties who claim to be national opposition are Aam Aadmi Party and AIMIM. As far as AAP is concerned, it is a party that keeps on questioning our Armed Forces time and again, be it the Surgical Strike in 2016 or Balakot Air Strike in 2019 or on the credibility of our soldiers who fought valiantly at Galwan and gave chiniese a bloody nose. Not only Armed Forces, but these people also question everyone including doctors, scientists, policemen, and anyone working towards the betterment of the Nation. But when it comes to traitors shouting at JNU in 2016 “Bharat tere tukde honge, insha’allah, insha’allah”, “Afzal hum sharminda hai, tere katil zinda hai”, the anti-nationals spitting provocative communal shit in shaheen Baug, the khalistanis raising slogans against Hon’ble Prime Minister, riots on 26 January in the name on farmer’s protest and a lot more, these people provide them open support. So, AAP as a national opposition is extremely dangerous and disastrous. And AIMIM is more of a radical islamic organization than a political party that openly stands with soon-to-be banned PFI and SDPI. So, it cannot be a national opposition in any manner.

Hence, currently, India does not have a nationalist opposition that works for the betterment of the Nation and has a grand vision of India which is the most critical issue to think about.

Krushna Patel

Intern, Goa
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