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“Acche Din” for the entire world due to “Made in India” vaccines

World is facing its one of the worst pandemics and India is showing the path of light to the world. When the pandemic started, India gave drugs to its patients to fight Covid-19. Followed by its success, many countries around the globe requested India to provide it to them. With a nature to help others, India provided the life-saving drugs to over 150 nations around the globe, thus making an image of a life saver.

Meanwhile, India prepared itself to fight the pandemic. When the pandemic started, India did not have enough mask so to cover everyone’s face, neither it had enough PPE Kits so for the medical professionals to treat the patients. Rather than panicking and cribbing, India not only started manufacturing mask at mass level but have also started manufacturing PPE Kits. In a short span of time, India became self-sufficient in having PPE Kits which not only helped India counter Covid-19 but shall help in future problems as well.

Now the next important milestone was the vaccines. Countries around the globe were researching over possible vaccines which could become an antidote for the virus. Few vaccines became successful in trial but the capacity to develop it for masses has never been that easy. India took the step, had a deal with those nations and today there are two made in India vaccines approved by the Government of India. While Syrum Institute of India is developing Adenovirus from Chimpanzee Vaccine named Covishield, Bharat Biotech-ICMR is developing Covaxin with Inactivated vaccine. Both has a good successful rate and are ready to be used for emergency purposes. These two companies have joined hands for smooth roll out of manufacturing, supply, and distribution. In its first stage, 30 million strong priority group including doctors, medical professionals and front-line workers are to be vaccinated in the world’s biggest vaccination drive. This vaccination is free of cost and Government of India is bearing the expenses. Vaccination process are done in accordance with booth level strategy to identify and monitor people as done during elections. There is a CoWIN platform where the states are mandated to upload real time data. Aadhar Card is playing an important role and is used for identification of people for the doses. After the first dose, a digital certificate is provided to the person while he will be given final certificate after the second round of doses.

While other nations are focusing to vaccinate its citizens, India didn’t shy away from helping others even at this point of time. It sent millions of doses to its neighbouring nations. India provided 1,50,000 doses to Bhutan, 1,00,000 doses to Maldives, 20,00,000 doses to

Bangladesh, 10,00,000 doses to Nepal, Myanmar, and Seychelles respectively while Sri Lanka received 5,00,000 doses.

Various other nations including Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Brazil have also received doses of Covid-19 vaccine from India and other dozen are in talk with New Delhi.

India also extended its humanitarian aid to WHO and have provided doses to its Secretary-General of United Nations Mr Antonio Guterres have lauded India’s step and said,

I think that the (vaccine) production capacity of India is the best asset that the world has today. I hope the world understands that it must be fully used.

It seems like “Acche Din” for the entire world due to “Made in India” Vaccine.


Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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