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Accused Attempts Suicide in Court

24-year old Salim Sheikh charged of kidnapping his nephew caused pandemonium in the Children’s court on Wednesday when he attempted suicide after the presiding officer extended his judicial custody.
It may be recalled that Salim had kidnapped his four-year-old nephew from Mapusa and taken him to Mumbai from where he demanded a ransom of ` 50,0000.
Even as police from Goa were bringing him back after arresting him on 15th September in Mumbai with the help of the local police there, Salim managed to escape from the police and was subsequently arrested by an alert traffic police.

On Wednesday as the presiding office of the Court P V Sawaikar was busy writing the order remanding Salim to judicial custody the accused suddenly slit his throat with a sharp object that mysteriously appeared in his hand.
As blood was seen dripping from his throat, he was rushed to Goa Medical College Hospital where he was discharged after giving first aid and was brought back to the court with a bandage around his neck.
Public Prosecutor Poonam Bharne expressed surprise over how the accused managed to get hold of the sharp object while being in police custody.
Police have now slapped a case of attempting suicide against Salim.

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