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‘Ace Comedian’ Peter Passes Away

Peter Menino D’Costa, an accomplished artiste of the Konkani stage and more particularly the tiatr passed away early Monday morning after having released his latest album coincidentally titled ‘Ab Tak Zinda Hai” with a catch line ‘He is Alive, Not Dead’ the previous evening at 8 pm.
While his sudden death has shocked tiatrist and tiatr lovers, that it came immediately after releasing the album with that particular title has stunned everybody. “It looks like he had a premonition of his death and that is why he gave this particular title even though many of us had asked him to change it,” said his friend Cardozo from Colva.

Peter Menino D’Costa began acting on stage at a very tender age of 15 making his debut in A M Pacheco’s Odruxtt. Since then he for the last 38 years he has been consistently acting in tiatrs and khell tiatrs. His natural flair for comedy earned him the title ‘Ace Comedian’ and he acted for most of the leading tiatrist in Goa.
He teamed up with another comedian Sally to give some truly rib-tickling performances. In fact, memories of his impersonation of Mahatma Gandhi in Roserfens’ tiatr still brings smiles on the faces. His act of Billa and Ranga in A M Pacheco’s tiatr is yet performance that is remembered till date.
Although well established as a comedian, Peter surprised all and sundry in the serious role he enacted in F. Cardozo’s Padr Agnel.
Known as Peter D’Costa on stage, he acted for various other tiatrist like Menino de Bandar, F Cardozo, Samuel Carvalho, Anil-Olga. The last tiatr he acted in was Samuel Carvalho’s Daddy and was supposed to act in Peter-Olga’s Chondrim Liplo Kupanim.
Besides, acting on stage, Peter also produced five audio CDs and three Video CDs with Circus being the first one.
His last CD that was released on the eve of his death was entirely his baby as he handled everything including designing the cover and also gathering the crowd for the release function. In fact, according to this family members, he was adamant that the CD be released on 10/10/10 and had a small function at his house to mark the occasion.
“His death after releasing the CD with that title reminds me of Jim Reeves who died soon after recording the song Distant Drums which was also about death,” said his neighbor.
Peter is survived by his wife Maggie and children Maclyn and Marion. His mortal remains will be taken from his house at Colva at 4 pm for the final rites to be held at the Colva church.


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