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Acquire Costa Grounds: Locals Demand

Aquem Ground Bachao Association on Tuesday demanded that Costa Ground at Aquem should be acquired by the government in public interest as a housing project is being planned there.
Pointing out that the ground, which originally belongs to Costa family, is being used by various schools as a playground for several decades; Councillor Damodar Korgaonkar said that there is no other land in Margao where recreational, social and cultural activities could be carried out.

The association also alleged that South Goa Planning and Development Authority has marked the area as ‘Commercial Zone’
He said: “the ground is presently acquired by a builder who has plans of setting up of a mega project consisting of several flats”.
He pointed out that even the government uses the ground for its various activities the latest being the ‘Margao Crafts Festival 2011’ from 18th to 22nd May, which is organized by Goa Handicrafts, Rural and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Ltd., as part of Golden Jubilee celebrations.
The association has also stated that if the council is unable to acquire the ground due to lack of funds, they can gather sufficient funds to enable the council to acquire it.

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