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Act Against Those Who Gave Land to SEZ: GMAS

Goa’s Movement Against SEZ (GMAS) while hailing the High Court order on the allotment of land has demanded a judicial probe into the whole affair while also asserting that no land in Goa should be given to the seven promoters as they have vitiated the entire process of land allocation.
Pointing out that even the High Court has found “undue haste” and departure from the laid down procedure like not even scrutinizing the applications properly, GMAS opined that why the undue haste and departure from procedure was adopted needs to be probed and hence has asked for an enquiry by a retired senior judge to pin those responsible for it.

That some applications were approved even without scrutinizing them indicates that kickbacks were involved and those involved have to be brought to book and the government should initiate action against them, said GMAS Convenor, Matanhy Saldanha.
He also demanded that those individuals who were directors of Goa Industrial Development Corporation when the land was allotted, should be removed from office if they continue to be directors even now. “If they are not removed from the Board of Directors, they will try to influence the board to re-allot the land to the same people probably because of the kickbacks they had received then,” he said.
GMAS also demanded that the EDC should not consider any fresh applications from the seven promoters for allotment of the land. “As these promoters had obviously resorted to unhealthy means to get the land then, they will repeat the same now and such persons who have no respect for the laws of Goa but seek to buy it, should be given no place in our land,” said Mr. Saldanha.
He also asserted that the Government of Goa now has a responsibility of bringing to book those responsible for giving such huge tracts of land in an undue hasty manner.
While pointing out that the Court has upheld the just demand of the people, he said the Government of Goa should now pursue with the Government of India to fulfill the other part of Goans’ demand to de-notify the three SEZ already notified by the Central Government


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