Activists expose St Cruz Panchayat Secretary for cheating State government

Panjim, November 28 (Expose) Can a person be physically on duty in the Panchayat and at the same time in the Law college studying? If you consider the case of St Cruz Panchayat Secretary Rajesh Naik, this seems to be possible. Between the years 2008 till 2011, he was at both the places, at the same time.

Alert St Cruz citizens have exposed the illegality of Naik, who was signing the roster in the Panchayat and at the same time was attending the classes. Naik has passed out from Salgaoncar College of Law in the  year 2011 after attending majority of the classes.

“It is a big fraud. The Panchayat Secretary used to sign on the roster claiming his presence in the office while at the same time, he used to sign in sheet for his presence in the college. How is this possible?,” questioned Inacio Pereira.


The college timings were 7.50 a.m to 12 noon.

The alert activists including Pereira, Desmond Alvares and Ramchandra Manjrekar have filed complaint with various authorities including Chief Secretary, Vigilance Department, Directorate of Panchayat and others demanding inquiry into the conduct of the Secretary.

Pereira said that the issue about the Secretary was raised on the floor of the House by Thivim MLA NIlkant Halarnkar for which Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho had assured to inquire.

“The inquiry is still going on. There are no results. Secretary has been transferred from Siolim to St Cruz,” he said alleging that many people in Siolim had blackmailed the Secretary to get their work done threatening him to approach the authorities exposing him.


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