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Afghanistan, Pakistan officials met in Kabul to review Transit Trade Deal


Kabul: The Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Coordination Authority (APTTCA) convened after a four-year delay in Kabul to review the transit trade agreement, which expires in February, and officials from both countries reaffirmed commitment to boost trade and investment, the Pakistan Embassy said.

According to the embassy, officials present at the talks (including Abdul Razak Dawood, an adviser to the Pakistani Prime Minister; Pakistani Commerce Secretary Muhammad Sualeh Ahmad Faruqi and Afghan Deputy Minister for Investment and Trade Abdul Karim Malikyar) discussed in detail all aspects of the transit trade agreement and “showed their full commitment to streamline existing procedures to boost bilateral trade, transit facilities and investment.”

“Both sides agreed to take further steps for enhancement of effective connectivity which is essential in today’s era for smooth transportation of transit goods”, the Pakistan Embassy’s press release read on.

The officials also discussed the potential opening of new corridors and entry/exit ports to facilitate the transit trade. They agreed to resume the debate at the next meeting, which is expected be held in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad next month.

Afghan and Pakistani customs authorities signed a memorandum of understanding on “electronic data interchange for rapid and hassle-free movement of the transit goods to save the time and money”, the embassy added.

Dawood noted that a new era in the bilateral relations was beginning, the press release read on. The adviser also reaffirmed his support to the Afghan people “to develop a better future for the next generation” and expressed hope for “greater integration.”

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