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After much hype, Valanka Alemao looses in Benaulim

Even though statements and actions made by Alemao family prior to the result of the election indicated that Goa’s political heavy-weights daughter Valanka Alemao would be the undisputed winner in Benaulim; it has now been proved at least in Benaulim that empty vessels make the most noise, since Caitano Silva – a virtual late-comer into the political fight under the Mickky Pacheco led Goa Vikas Party has won the Benaulim constituency seat.

Silva tallied astounding votes of 9695, while Valanka Alemao trailed behind with 7694 votes. Independent Dr Hubert Gomes tallied 1775 votes with John Fernandes of the Trinamool Congress tallied 1277 votes.

Interestingly, the ‘family raj’ winnable candidates of the Congress party at least with the Alemao family has not worked since so far Joaquim Alemao has lost in Cuncolim to BJP candidate Rajan Naik, Valanka Alemao has lost to Caitano Silva of the GVP.

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