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Against Centre’s farm laws, agri reform draft bills tabled in Mah Assy

Mumbai: Maharashtra Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat on Tuesday presented the drafts of the Agriculture Reforms Bills on the last day of Assembly monsoon session.

He said, “The Cabinet Sub-Committee, under the chairmanship of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar, has prepared three new agricultural reform bills in the interest of farmers after in-depth study and discussion.”

“The draft bill will be kept for the consideration of the people and farmers of the state. Necessary amendments will be made in it within two months after considering the suggestions of farmers and social organizations,” he assured.

He further said, “The three black agricultural laws introduced by the central government are not for the benefit of the farmers but for the benefit of a handful of big industrialists. This law is going to devastate the farmers.”

He argued, “In fact, agricultural laws are a matter for the states and have been encroached upon by the central government. Therefore, to save the farmers in the state and for the benefit of the farmers, the MVA government had set up a Cabinet Sub-Committee.”

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