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Agitated Chinchonkars Postpone Gram Sabha

Chinchinim Sarpanch Olwyn Antao came under fire from not only irate villagers but even his panchayat members for his suo motto decision to change the venue for the Gram Sabha on Sunday as the meeting literally spilled on the streets.
Instead of holding the meeting in the church hall as was done normally, the Sarpanch decided to hold the meeting in the Panchayat ghar and as the place was found to be too small, it was held outside which irritated the gathered villagers.

Even panchayat members claimed to be not informed about the change in the venue of the gram Sabha and Constancio Fernandes accused the Sarpanch of not taking members into confidence. He revealed that panchayat members were informed over the telephone about the panchayat meeting held on Saturday where the change in the venue of the gram Sabha was not discussed.
A villager pointed out that the discussion on the tinto and market complex at the last Gram Sabha was not reflected in the minutes. The secretary pleaded ignorance as he was not present for the last Gram Sabha.
The Sarpanch justified his decision to hold the meeting in the panchayat ghar as only the budget had to be approved and further reminded the villagers that the panchayat is facing problems as it does not have a full fledged secretary.
However, the agitated villagers were in no mood and demanded that the Gram Sabha be postponed to 10th April. The Sarpanch had to bow to their demand and announced that the next date would be announced properly after consulting the concerned officials.

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