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Ahead of alliance, Akhilesh kicks off LS poll campaign; says ‘will sweep majority’

Kannauj, Jan 11(GCCurrentAffairs) A day before Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati are expected to formally announce their alliance for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the SP president on Friday launched his poll campaign by attending an e-chaupal via Twitter with the new slogan ‘Hamara Kam bolta hai, BJP ka dhoka bolta hai’ (Our works speak, while BJP’s betrayal).

The SP president interacted with the villagers and gave his views on different aspects, including the need for mahagathbandan and about the mining scam during his regime.

“BJP has grown strong by allying with smaller parties, now we are doing the same to join hands to make a formidable opposition, ” he said, while adding that everyone knows about the political misuse of CBI and in this mining scam case too it cannot be denied. “If the CBI wants to question me, then let the elections get over,’ he said while announcing that tomorrow will be a historic day when the Mahagathbandan would be announced in Lucknow.

“People of the country had already witnessed that when SP and BSP joined hands, the BJP lost its stronghold seats of Gorakhpur and Phulpur, represented by chief minister and deputy chief minister. In the Lok Sabha polls too we will keep our flag high and win majority of the seats,” he replied to a question.

Mr Yadav said the BJP as well as the Congress was afraid of the new Mahagathbandan in UP and these two political parties have already pressed their panic button.

Appealing to the people to be aware about the misinformation campaign launched by the BJP in the country, he said that BJP had ditched the poor of the country by making false promises in the past and again they are trying to do it. He also asked the people to leave caste and communal politics for a better development of society.

“We have gone for a new slogan ‘Hamara Kam bolta hai, BJP ka dhoka bolta hai’ which will be our main slogan during the election to counter the misinformation campaign of the BJP,” he said.

The e-chaupal was held at Fakirpur village n Umarda block on Friday which was attended by Twitter global vice-president Colin Crowell and his team. Kannauj MP Dimple Yadav, wife of Akhilesh and former UP minister Abhishek Mishra were also present on the dais during the e-chaupal.

The Twitter officials also aware the villagers how to register themselves on Twitter and to run it.

Akhilesh Yadav did not spare a word to hit out at UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and accused him of trying to create unethical ways to collect revenue.

“The BJP government was promoting consumption of liquor by saying that it will give more revenue to the government and serve the cows as and for making cow sheds, the government has imposed 2 per cent cess on excise duty,” he said. Besides, the BJP government when came to power in 2017 closed all the slaughter houses as they thought all belonged to SP leaders. “But when the myth was broken and it was seen that most of the slaughter houses belonged to BJP leaders, then immediately reverted their decision,” he alleged.

The SP president also announced that if his party comes to power in the state then the youths who had taken loan under Kamdhenu scheme to open dairies by purchasing cows, would be waived off.

He also questioned about the honest intention of BJP on cleaning Ganga. ” PM Modi took the broom to clean the country and every citizen also supported him. But now the situation has changed and now every where there are filth and PM has also gone mum on the issue,” he added.

As Dimple Yadav, is reportedly have refused to contest the Lok Sabha polls this time, her husband Akhilesh Yadav is all set to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Kannauj, hence this visit is seen as the launch of the poll campaign of the SP president.

Kannauj, a renowned perfume centre of the country, is very close to the heart of Akhilesh Yadav, as he had represented the seat thrice from 2000 to 2012. Thereafter, his wife Dimple was elected as the MP. Kannauj has the distinction of electing socialist ideologue Dr Ram Mahohar Lohia in 1967 and Mulayam Singh Yadav in 1999 Lok Sabha polls.

Earlier chaupals were held at tea stalls and other places in the villages where people discussed over the political issues. But in the era of IT revolution, now e-chaupals have taken its place as now people are more active in political discussion through social media.

Meanwhile, Twitter India in a statement here on Friday said that the Chaupals will facilitate direct engagement sessions between the leader and citizens on Twitter and on-ground.

The Q&A conversation with the leader will also be broadcast live on the platform from the leader’s handle.

Questions using the hashtag #ChaupalOnTwitter will be sourced from Twitter users, leading up to the event.

For today’s event, the people can also use the hashtag #अखिलेशकीचौपाल to engage with Akhilesh Yadav, Party Chief, Samajwadi Party.

As part of the #ChaupalOnTwitter, Twitter India will organize workshops for communities to learn how to engage further with their Chaupal leaders through the platform and use Twitter to follow the upcoming General Election.

These workshops will teach communities how to use Twitter and Twitter Lite to connect with their leaders, gain more information about the elections by following verified news and government partners and voice their opinion by Tweeting in regional languages in an effective and optimal manner.

As India goes digital in a big way, Twitter is already being used as a tool for governance and grievance redressal by government and law enforcement agencies across the country; citizens have taken to the platform from remotest parts of India to interact with institutions, leaders and officials.

Commenting on the initiative, Ms Mahima Kaul – Director, Public Policy for Twitter India, said “We live in times where digital discourse is indispensable, and Twitter continues to be the medium where conversations begin. As we move closer to the upcoming General Election, we are excited to provide a platform where all voices can be heard. Staying consistent with our commitment to serve the public conversation, we are positive #ChaupalOnTwitter will strike a chord with communities across India and will succeed in empowering them with the knowledge of what’s happening in India and around the world.”

On the engagement format to connect with voters, SP president Akhilesh Yadav, has said, “In the heart of the potato belt of Uttar Pradesh, the historical capital of India and the birthplace of perfumery- Kannauj- it is my pleasure to host Twitter for a Chaupal in Fakirepurwa, the first micro-grid enabled village in India. Samajwadi Party brings Twitter to villages!”

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