A&I Hyderabad: Connecting people within the vast and ever-evolving industry of architecture and interior design.

It stands as a rare piece of luxury in terms of a magazine that has been adding to the growth and recognition of talented beings in the industry across Hyderabad.

A closer look around us will let us know how most of the industries across the world have been on a growth pedestal. These industries garner more recognition and growth for multiple reasons, but those who make sure to walk hand-in-hand with the latest industry trends while still sticking to their core values and visions as organizations go ahead in becoming iconic names in their fields, just like Architects & Interiors Magazine, known as A&I Hyderabad has become a well-known name in the online world and across Hyderabad as a bimonthly magazine. It won’t be wrong to say that it has revolutionized the print media as a luxury magazine, offering the highest standards of quality of print and meaningful articles aimed at adding more knowledge to people.

A&I Hyderabad has grown as a magazine dedicated to the architects and interior designers of Hyderabad. Speaking on the same, the brain behind the magazine and the founder Roop Nayan Darak says, “Giving over two decades in the architecture and interior design space; I felt the need to come up with a magazine dedicated to the industry, which could help people communicate, connect and collaborate as a modern-day publication and the very first magazine for architects and interior designers.”

A&I Hyderabad publishes articles by industry veterans, rising talents, and other specialists who talk about new spaces, designs, and concepts across offices, corporate, luxury, and residential spaces. The premier edition features works of seasoned professionals like Raaj Sree Ram, Ar. Raja,  Ankur Saraff, Rahul Jain and Varun Mehta, Komal Jain, Rohit Suraj, Shreya Rathi and photographers Ricken and Sonal Desai. This way, the magazine always aims to bring the best to the table. The magazine has garnered much appreciation and recognition in the print media as well as online space, which can be known by the mammoth of copies that are already been circulated.

Besides that, A&I Hyderabad has also attained massive buzz in the social media realm, where many are talking about the uniqueness it offers readers.

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