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Aires Accuses Guv Of Continuing On Illegal Extension

Stating that Governor Shivinder Singh Sidhu’s term as a governor ended on 5th August 2009, Adv Aires Rodrigues accused him of continuing to hang on at Raj Bhavan, Dona Paula on an illegal and unauthorized extension.

Pointing out that Article 156 (3) of the Indian Constitution mandates that Governor shall be appointed for a term of five years only, he argued that Dr. Sidhu who was appointed as Governor of Goa on 6th August 2004, completed his term long back.

“Though the Constitution of India does state that the Governor can continue to hold office until his successor arrives, this should not be a loophole for the State Governor to continue for over 20 months after his official term has ended,” said Adv. Rodrigues.

He also pointed that there has been no official order extending Governor Sidhu’s term and that the law also does not provide for one and therefore said Dr. Sidhu’s continuance as Goa Governor is illegal as it is not mandated by the Constitution.

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