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AITUC to approach SC to commence mining

Even though the Shah Commission report clearly states that all mining in Goa is illegal, yet, different forces under different pretexts are lobbying hard to restart the mining operations in the state, besides the mining lobby and political parties now the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC).

A meeting of trade union leaders and mining workers under the banner of Goa Mining Labour Welfare Union has decided to file an intervention application in the Supreme Court pertaining to the illegal mining issue in Goa with a prayer that legal mining should be allowed to commence soon.

The meeting held recently also constituted an ‘action committee’ to build bridges with the authorities and stakeholders with the objective of getting legal mining restarted in Goa. The committee will hold meetings in several parts of the state to galvanise support for their cause.

The meeting also resolved to urge Gram Sabhas to pass resolution for resumption of mining operations of those dependent on mining industry.


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