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Alemaos get the ‘BOOT’ from the People of Goa


In an unprecedented turn-out but not unexpected the people in the constituencies of Navelim, Cuncolim, Benaulim and Sanguem have voted out the Alemao family candidates.

Joaquim Alemao lost in Cuncolim which was won by BJP candidate Rajan Naik. Valanka Alemao lost to the Mickky Pacheco – Goa Vikas Party candidate Caitano Silva. Yuri Alemao lost to the BJP candidate Subash Phal Desai and the Alemao main man Churchill Alemao lost out to the new-comer and BJP supported independent candidate Avertano Furtado.

In fact Churchill Alemao had called for a recount of the Navelim votes when it was declared that Furtado was the winner.

Many people across the constituencies and other parts of Goa as indicated on the flurry of messages and posts on the social networking site Facebook were ecstatic that the people of Goa voted out the Alemao family in a complete whitewash.

Congress party’s strategy or rather succumbing to the intimidating tactics of the Alemao ‘family-raj’ has resulted in the loss of four constituencies. So far of 32 constituencies Congress has managed to win only six.


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