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Alemaos in Love and War


The Alemao brothers – PWD Minister Churchill and Urban Development Minister Joaquim – had a heated exchange with Power Minister Aleixo Sequeira on Monday while Churchill had ‘sweet’ moments with his bête noire Micky Pacheco on the same day.
The House Committee meeting on the National Highway widening convened on Monday had to be postponed to 12th February following heated exchanges between the Alemao brothers and Aleixo Sequeira.
Trouble broke out when the Alemao brothers took umbrage to Aleixo’s statement that people were losing faith in the government and Churchill demanded how such a statement could be made by a minister in the government in the proceedings and further deliberations could be held.


Earlier in the day, Churchill had ‘sweet’ moments with Micky Pacheco at Majorda while commencing the work of hot mixing roads in the village. Churchill was there as a PWD minister that had undertaken the work, while Micky arrived there as the MLA representing the village.
In fact, Micky along with the local ZP Member Wilfred D’Sa were present at the venue before Churchill could arrive apparently to question him why the local representatives were not invited. However, Churchill defused the volatile situation by shaking hands with Micky and apologizing for the lapse on his officials part.
Churchill invited Micky to break the coconut as is the Indian tradition while he offered the incense sticks and Micky reciprocated by offering Churchill peddas which he accepted. Taking advantage of the bonhomie prevailing, Micky asked for some more works and Churchill instructed the officers present to take them um.
 “This is pure development and no politics involved. Development is the need of the hour”, Pacheco remarked.

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