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Alert Watchman Foils Theft Attempt

Thanks to the alertness of a security guard, an attempt to break into and rob a jewelry shop at Margao was foiled and the duo attempting the crime are now cooling their heels at Margao police lock up.
The two accused Rajkumar Chowdhary native of Bihar and Vijay Kumar Singh, native of Uttar Pradesh arrived in Goa from Mumbai on Thursday knowing very well about the tradition in Goa of Hindus going to their ancestral houses to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.
After checking into an hotel at Colva, the duo scouted Margao to identify the shop to be broken into and zeroed in on Ista situated in the heart of the city and on Monday midnight the duo arrived at the shop late in the night close to midnight and began digging a hole through the rear wall of the shop.

A security guard while doing his routine rounds heard the sound and suspecting something odd was going on went in to check to find the two busy digging the hole. He grabbed Rajkumar and also raised an alarm by blowing his whistle to summon help from other security guards in the market,
Even as the other security guards arrived, the other thief Vijay Kumar managed to escape. However, he was arrested from the hotel where the duo were residing after Rajkumar had spilled the beans to the police who had taken him into custody.
According to the police, the shop on that night had gold jewelry worth around Rs. 80 lakhs.

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