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Alina finally speaks: Matanhy said ‘No to Mopa’

Goa Minister for Forest and Environment Alina Saldanha – wife of the Late Environment Crusader and also former Tourism Minister of the state Matanhy Saldanha – has finally broken her silence over the Dabolim-Mopa Conundrum, stating that Matanhy did not support Mopa airport and the people of Goa should vigorously pursue the demand to revert Dabolim back to its previous status as a Civilian airport.

“Matanhy had time and again had publicly expressed his opposition to Mopa Airport as he was convinced that the small state of Goa could not sustain two international airports. He was totally focused on the Dabolim airport which he firmly believed was a civilian airport with the Navy in illegal possession of the same,” expressed Saldanha.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had a few weeks ago had categorically states in the Assembly that ‘Matanhy supported Mopa’. However, later he made a U-Turn on that statement saying that the media had misquoted him, what he said was that Matanhy agreed with him that the Navy would not move from the Dabolim Airport, even though Matanhy had strongly advocated for them to move from Dabolim. However, Saldanha’s statement now in the assembly, further clarifies the stand of the Late Man of the Masses on the Mopa issue, which clearly indicates that he was for Dabolim and against Mopa.


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