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Alina to be sworn-in as Minister in Goa Cabinet

Alina Saldanha – wife of the former Goa Minister of Environment and Forests Matanhy Saldanha will be sworn into the Cabinet on coming Tuesday.

Though, Saldanha has not yet contested the election from the Cortalim constituency, by-poll which is to be held in June; she can still sworn into the Cabinet, but she would have to contest the election and win within the next six months, in order to retain her Cabinet berth.

The untimely death of Matanhy Saldanha has thrown open the doors for other political parties to compete and try to stake claim to the Cortalim constituency and dent the BJP majority at this point of time. However, Alina appears to be riding on a strong sympathy wave and many in the constituency are hoping that she would take forward the work of her late husband.

And charting ruthless political paths, anti-BJP parties have started to question the credibility of the BJP governance in light of the new Mopa Airport development and have also dragged Alina into the tussles because late Matanhy Saldanha had championed the cause against Mopa and also the removal of the Navy in order to return Dabolim to the civilian airport base it used to be.

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