“All dogs require the same amount of love and care,” says kuldeep and Dhaval

Cute little eyes, big nose and floppy ears anyone can fall in love with this creature , a dog that god has made. Nobody can resist the adoration for these adorable puppy eyes. Dogs are recognized for their loyalty, and their love is far superior than any other affection on the globe. Many people will leave your company along the journey, but this small creature will always be by your side. The bond between humans and dogs is inevitable. Is it, however, legitimate to categorize dog affection by breed? Obviously not. Every dog is a divine creature. Whether you get a dog from a reputable breeder or a stray, every dog has the same degree of affection for its owner. They have no reason to betray one another.

So, what’s the point of betraying street fogs and embracing mixed-breed dogs? Dog Home Foundation excellently represents this stanza. Who gave selflessly of their time to ensure the welfare of street dogs. Because every dog deserves love. When a dog enters your life, it is stated that there is a reason to smile. But we humans gradually ignore the Dog’s smile which is very important.

The Dog Home Foundation is a non-profit and philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting street dogs. Stray dogs are threatened, abused, and no one seems to care about them. We humans have even destroyed their natural habitat, condemning them to a life of limping along, feeding on our toxic garbage, and eventually dying a slow and painful death. The dog home foundation took the initiative of caring for and medicating street dogs after becoming aware of their suffering.

Kuldeep and Dhaval, the founders of the Dog Home Foundation, took this humanitarian step to help street canines. They discovered how badly street dogs are handled, as well as an increase in the death rate of street dogs and cruel acts against them. All of these circumstances inspired the founders of the Dog Home Foundation to help street dogs and offer a safe environment for them.

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