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All is Not Well With GFA: Savio

Why did you exactly withdraw from the race for president of Goa Football Association?
There are various reasons one of which was the fact that it was a triangular contest in which things could go any which way and GFA would have been in a chaos.

You said that you had initially approached Shrinivas Dempo but he had declined. What happened then?
I did approach Shrinivas and he even suggested that instead of having elections, we have a consensus on the GFA Executive Committee to which I had agreed. But then nothing happened till he announced his decision to contest. Personally I think the coterie forced Shrinivas to contest.

What is this coterie?
There is a coterie trying to control Goan football but unfortunately it is not working in the best interest of football in Goa. Despite having a Goan as one of the top official at All India Football Federation, we have not benefitted in any way.

Joaquim Alemao said that GFA should not go into the wrong hands. Obviously he was referring to you. Why this acrimony?
I have nothing personal against Joaquim Alemao but the fact remains that he has never taken up the cause of Goan football. Even as an executive member of AIFF he has failed Goa. All that he is bothered about is Churchill Brothers.

Why do you say that because the perception is that the Alemao brothers are committed to football?
Joaquim has never supported the GFA in its battle against other states whenever they have fielded overage players. Since GFA was celebrating its golden jubilee we wanted to host the Santosh Trophy, but he failed to get it allotted to us. In fact he hardly attends AIFF meetings and makes his presence there only when something that will help Churchill Brothers is to be discussed like increasing the number of foreign players.

You have said that political and money power is being used for the GFA elections. How true is that?
Political power is very obvious and money power is there as clubs were offered jerseys for their players, etc. In fact at the last elections while 70 per cent of the members elected to the Executive Committee were from our panel, we lost the President’s post only because Joaquim had promised the clubs a grant or ` 50,000/- which never materialized.

So what will be your role now that you are out of the rate for president?
I hope to get elected to the Executive Committee as a representative from Mormugao and keep a check on what is happening there. Whatever happens, my commitment for Goan football remains and I shall work with the same zeal as I have been doing for the last so many years.

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