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All land line to mobile call to be dialed with prefix ‘O’ from Jan 15, 2021

New Delhi: All fixed to mobile calls to be dialled with prefix ‘0’ from January 15, 2021, the Ministry of Communications said here on Wednesday.

‘This is to free up sufficient numbering resources for future use,’ the Ministry said.

With the consideration of TRAI Recommendation on ‘Ensuring Adequate Numbering Resources for Fixed Line and Mobile Services,’ the Department of Telecommunications has taken the decision of implementing all fixed to mobile calls will be dialed with prefix ‘0’ from January 15, 2021.

According to DoT, there will be no change in dialing plan from fixed to fixed, mobile to fixed, and mobile to mobile calls.

A suitable announcement will be made for the same. This announcement will be played, whenever a subscriber dials a fixed to mobile call without prefixing ‘0’.

All fixed-line subscribers will be provided with a ‘0’ dialing facility.

Around 2539 million numbering series is expected to be generated from the above. This will free up sufficient numbering resources for future use.

With the freeing up of sufficient numbering resources, more connections can be added in the future, which will be beneficial to the mobile customers at large, said the Ministry.

The above changes have been done in order to have minimum inconvenience to the subscribers and freeing up essential numbering resources, it added.

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