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All mining activities to be stopped in Goa on March 15th

All activities related to mining in Goa will stop by 1900 hrs on March 15, Director of Mines and Geology Prasanna Acharya stated.

Speaking to media, he said only three mines were operational in the state and 10.40 million tonnes of iron ore was extracted during the financial year 2018-19.

He said all the mining lease holders would have to obtain fresh environment clearances as they had expired.

Acharya said there was no clarity over the transportation of extracted iron ore which were lying in the mining areas because as per the Mining Concession Rules (MCR), 1960, if the prospecting licence was stopped then the lease holder would be allowed to lift or clear the extracted ore within six month.

He said now it would have to be seen whether MCR was applicable to lease holders or not in the backdrop in the backdrop of recent Supreme Court judgement.

Opinion of advocate general had been sought, he said.

To a question, he said the state government had collected Rs 256 crore as royalty during the current financial year.

After the Supreme Court lifted the ban on mining in Goa in 2014 putting a cap of 20 MT annual cap, only 7.3 million tonnes of ore was exported after mining activities resumed in 2015-2016 and 20 million tonnes of ore was exported during 2016-2017, he said.

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