Amazon Prime Video creates Guinness World Record

New Delhi, Jan 25 (GCEntertainment) Marking the launch of much-awaited Amazon Original Series ‘The Forgotten Army- Azaadi Ke Liye,’ Prime Video successfully created a Guinness World Record for ‘The Largest Indian Cinematic Music Band,’ with an iconic live performance of the show’s album.

The evening saw 1000 musicians from across the country coming together to perform songs from the series’ album, composed by Pritam.

The operatic musical recital served as a prelude, as the country geared up to celebrate it’s 71st Republic Day.

Gaurav Gandhi, Director and Country General Manager, Amazon Prime Video India, said, ‘The Amazon Original Series The Forgotten Army-Azaadi Ke Liye, it’s music album and this live musical evening is our humble tribute to the Azad Hind Fauj.

‘The show endeavours to bring back to public memory, the long forgotten sacrifice of the brave Indian National Army (INA) soldiers. The LIVE 1000 band features musicians from across the country and brings to life, the ethos of The Forgotten Army – a collective for all, bound by their common goal.

‘We are delighted that the album and this musical event have made its mark in history by creating a coveted Guinness World Record for The Largest Indian Cinematic Music Band.

‘We are hopeful that our Freedom Anthem-Azaadi, will strike a chord across the country, and serve as tribute to our soldiers, those remembered and cherished and those forgotten,’ Gaurav said.

Commenting on the grand musical event, Pritam said, ‘I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to witness and be part this unique live performance with this collective of talented musicians, in memory of the valiant soldiers of the Azad Hind Fauj.

‘This Republic Day, let’s all take a moment to understand the forgotten history and the sacrifice of the Indian National Army.’

Creator and Director, Kabir Khan said, ‘My first film-making project was a documentary by the same name-The Forgotten Army. More than two decades back, I travelled with INA veterans, retracing their journey from the 1940s, only to realise that so few Indians knew of their struggles or their fight for freedom.

‘Despite their valour, they became a foot-note in India’s Independence history. I vowed to tell their story to India and to the world. On the occasion of India’s 70th Republic day, the release of The Forgotten Army-Azaadi Ke Liye, is my attempt to take their story to the world.

‘The album from the show, today’s musical serenade by the LIVE 1000 band, all capture the very spirit of the Azad Hind Fauj.

‘It was a spectacular performance with the highest level of proficiency. It’s my great pleasure to be present here, to be able to see and listen to the Largest Indian Cinematic Music band,’ he added.

‘A great way to mark the launch of Amazon Original Series – The Forgotten Army, and a tribute to the heroes of the past in the grand way of 1000 participants in the band. I would like to congratulate Amazon Prime Video on becoming Officially Amazing!’ said Swapnil Dangarikar, Official Adjudicator, Guinness World Records.

Via UNI-India

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