Amazon Prime Video launches ‘Homecoming Season 2’

New Delhi: Amazon Prime Video on Friday launched the season two of the critically-acclaimed international Amazon Original Series ‘Homecoming’.
‘Homecoming season 2’ stars Janelle Monáe, Stephan James, Oscar-winner Chris Cooper, Emmy-winner Joan Cusack, and Hong Chau, among others.
With no memory of her identity, Jackie faces with questions about her past. In search of retrieving her memory, she crosses paths with the Geist Group, the wellness company behind the Homecoming initiative, which leads her to situations beyond her control.

The popular series ‘Homecoming’ returns with new twists and sharp turns with Walter Cruz returning as the lead character. Following the trauma of the war and the Homecoming initiative, Walter, a humble soldier, who thought he would benefit from the program, begins to realize that there’s an even more insidious version of the program underway – if only he can remember.

“Both me and my on-screen character Jackie in Homecoming Season 2 have a witty sense of humor”, Janelle Monáe said.
“I think Jackie is very serious about whatever job she takes on and being someone who is in the business. I take things very seriously. I think that we both can be very witty at times. Moreover, I’m told that I have a great sense of humor, and I think she does too. I’m also told that Jackie has always been a leader, not a follower, and I consider myself to be a leader. We both are extremely ambitious people. I’m super honored to be working with Stephan. This guy has a lot of different levels to his artistry and as an actor and storyteller, I’m super honored to share frames with him,” Janelle said.

Actor, Stephen James, said, “Oh man, I am very excited about the new season of Homecoming because Walter’s character takes a 180-degree turn and that’s been really interesting for me to dive into as an actor. I think the first season he was sort of naïve, gullible, and definitely got taken advantage of. In this season, we see a more dogged, determined sort of Walter who has figured out what he is, and he’s looking for revenge. Hence, it is very exciting.” He continued, “The season 2 of the show is very similar to the first season with a unique subject line. The characters are different even though we see Hong’s character again. It’s a very different reflection of what we’d seen in the first season. And of course, we see Walter again but in a very different Walter than what we experienced in the first season.”

‘Homecoming’s co-showrunners and executive producers are Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, who are also the creators of the Gimlet Media podcast upon which the show is based.
All episodes of the second season are directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, who also serves as Executive Producer.

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