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Amit Shah claims BJP would emerge victorious with over 200 votes in Bengal

Medinipur/Gosaba: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday refused to counter Mamata Banrjee’s alleged canards against the BJP government at the centre and said the people of West Bengal will answer all those when the saffron brigade would emerge victorious with over 200 votes on May 2.

Leading a road show here for the BJP candidates for first two phases polling on March 27 and April 1, Mr Shah told a TV channel that it was not tasteful for him to counter Mamata Banerjee’s slanders and said the people of Bengal would answer them all fittingly in the votes.

Pointing at the surging people on his road show in Medinipur, Mr Shah reiterated that they would emerge winners with over 200 seats in the elections.

” From villages to cities, to sea shores…Everyone can sense a yearning for Ashol Poriborton in Bengal,” Mr Shah also tweeted. .

The BJP has held many such shows and rallies, calling it the Parivrthan Yatra’s.

Earlier at Gosaba in South 24 Parganas, Mr Shah accused the Mamata Banerjee led TMC government of siphoning funds of Rs 10,000 crore, meant for rehabilitation of Amphan ravaged people.

He assured the people that the BJP if voted to power would create a separate district in the Sundarbans and a special package of incentives for the flood prone South 24 Parganas district.

Me Shah pointed out that despite the region being so close to Kolkata, the successive governments have not done much to mitigate difficulties of this riverine district.

” We assure you creation of a separate distruit, supplying clean drinking water and other necessary supports” he said.

“Gosaba is made of 9 islands but it still doesn’t have potable drinking water.” Mr Shah lamented.

“ ( PM Nrendra Modi) Modiji had sent Rs 10,000 crore for Amphan relief. Did you see any of it? ‘Bhatija’ (Mamata’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee) and his associates siphoned off the funds without any of it coming to you,” Mr Shah alleged.

“But you should not worry. Once we come to power, we will form an SIT and probe all the discrepancies of these funds. None will be spared.” the home minister warned.

” If the BJP is voted to power in Bengal, BJP will spend Rs 2 lakh crore to develop the Sundarbans,” Mr Shah added.

“We have announced that we will form a development board for the Sundarbans region and make it the most advanced region of the state,” Shah said citing party’s sankalpa patra or election manifesto.

He also reminded them of the party manifesto of setting an AIIMS hospital in the Sunderbans and people will not have to go to Kolkata for treatment.

Mr Shah said BJP has planned to implement programmes and schemes worth Rs 1,500 crore in the region.

Last year in May, Cyclone Ampan caused extensive damage to large areas of the Sundarbans. Since then, the TMC has been complaining that the Center has given little money for the relief of Ampan.

On the other hand, the BJP alleged that even though the Center has given money, there has been corruption in it.

The BJP leadership alleged that the Trinamool leaders had embezzled the money.

“I will put all those behind the bars who ate government money, meant for rehabilitation of Amphan victims,” Mr Shah said.

” You will go to vote on April 1. You will vote without fear Hooliganism will not be tolerated. No one can stop you from voting,” said Mr Shah,

He said the BJP promised 33 percent reservation for women in the government job and free education for girls upto post graduate level, besides Rs 5 lakh to Ayushman Bharat project for poor people.

” Women do not need tickets for transportation and infiltration in this porous bordersshould be prevented,” said Mr Shah

Sundarbans will be developed to attract tourists from all over the world and fishermen will be insured for Rs 3 lakh. tiger conservation center will be set up, added Mr Shah.

West Bengal has an 8-phased polling from March 27 for the 294 seats in the state assembly. The last polling day is April 29 and counting is on May 2.

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