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Amonkar, Chodankar and Furtado to be new Congress-Goa spokespersons

Though no official indication or announcement has been made by the All India Congress Committee on Goa which is the normal protocol, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) with the assistance of the Goa Desk-in-Charge, Jagmeet Singh Brar (who himself is expected to be shuffled) has decided to appoint the new official spokespersons for the Congress party in Goa.

Former Goa Pradesh Youth Congress presidents Sankalp Amonkar and Girish Chodankar have been appointed as official spokesperson, in the hope that the resigned not accepted GPCC president could form a formidable force to counter the BJP and its ruling government. Interestingly, both Amonkar and Chodankar have not been known for their public speaking prowess. Also Amonkar is facing serious allegations on the Canacona Relief Funds fraud and Horticulture Department scam. Chodankar on the otherhand who shares a formidable relationship with reluctant PM in waiting and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, he has not been over the last couple of years known for vocally taking the Congress vision and mission to the masses.

Surendra Furtado too has been appointed at the spokesperson as the minority face, he however, has decided to decline the offer, reasons which he was not willing to disclose.

The appointment of the new spokesperson indicates that the current spokesperson Jitendra Deshprabhu might be asked to step down. This though was expected as Deshprabhu’s attack on the government was not appreciated by senior Congress leaders including GPCC president Subash Shirodkar, who even asked Deshprabhu not to conduct any more press conferences. However, senior AICC leaders are standing behind Deshprabhu and have insisted that he be permitted to conduct press conferences and need require the current GPCC presidents approval.

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