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An architecture intern on an escapade to Goa

Shreya Meti is a fifth year architecture student from Indira College of Architecture and Designing, Pune. She has been interning with Mystic Architect in Goa since June 2020. In conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Reporter at What difference do you observe in Pune and Goa?

Shreya: Predominantly I have notice two things that differ in Goa and Pune. First one being life is blissful in Goa. There is no hustle bustle. And secondly, Goan people are genuinely warm, caring and generous. They love their work and do not look at it as a compulsion. In Pune life is fast paced and pretty much hectic. People are rushing all the time. Whereas in Goa they work at their own pace but the work gets done. Life in Goa is relaxed. There is a perfect balance between work life and personal life. How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your life?

Shreya: I travelled to Goa in June when the lockdown restrictions were pretty much strict. I was bit scared before travelling but then  I decided to take the  plunge and came to Goa and I don’t at all regret my decision. When I was in Pune during the three months of lockdown I could not breathe fresh air. We were restricted from moving around in our housing society complex also. It became pretty much suffocating. But Goa came with a breath of fresh air for me. I could go cycling around, I could go for walks. I finally breathed in fresh air. It was refreshing. Do you think there are much job opportunities in Goa?

Shreya: There is a great scope for job opportunities in Goa. Goa is a developing state. Architecture in Goa is very rich. Architecture of the olden Portuguese houses is very beautiful. I see more scope for architecture in the state. People now days are turning towards renovating and rebuilding their homes in the ancient Portuguese architectural style. Is India progressing in the right direction?

Shreya: I would not say that we are progressing. And I feel current scenario in the country speaks for itself. It has been a lot more of a chaotic situation in the country. What factors according to you pose as hurdles in India’s development?

Shreya: People are highly irresponsible. Government alone cannot be blamed for the country not growing to its maximum potential. People and government go hand in hand, How can we tackle the issues that the nation is facing?

Shreya: I think the only way we can be a part of solving the issues is by being there for each other. We need to be kind towards each other. All of us must help each other grow. The government alone cannot be there for all of us at the same time. Each one of us must understand our responsibilities towards our country and act upon it.

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