An Engineer Who Promotes Leisure

From completing Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka to completing post graduate diploma from Les Roches School of Hospitality Management, Switzerland; and venturing into hospitality business is something young entrepreneur Chinmay Borkar has achieved.

Chinmay presently heads the hospitality division of Akar Creations Pvt. Ltd., commercial and residential real estate developer in Goa. He also headed the setup and launch of the company’s first business hotel, The Sapphire.

In a candid chat with, this young entrepreneur reveals why he ventured into hospitality sector instead of engineering

Despite having a background in engineering, why did you venture into tourism sector?

I believe that tourism in Goa has the potential to supersede any other economic sector. So far we have only been concentrating on coastal belt. However, if the government and tourism industry players can create a holistic approach to Goa, then people would come to Goa not only for beaches, but also our culture, art, entertainment, rivers and waterfalls.

Why did you choose to focus on the mid-market or rather say business segment of hotels?

While many people believe that in order to get large amount of people to come to Goa, we need big luxury hotels, if you see Goa over the last ten years, you will notice that the number of mid-market tourists and business travelers has drastically increased. Therefore, there is an eminent need to cater to this growing market segment tourists who come for both leisure and business and do not have the budget to stay in five-star or branded hotels but want the same standard of service and quality. Hence, we decided to venture into this segment of hotels.

Having travelled to different parts of the world during the course of education, what do you think Goa lacks in when it comes to tourism?

From an aesthetic point of view, Goa has all the factors that can make it one of the most sought after tourist destinations. However, the government, tourism industry players and the people have not been able to come together to create an integrated tourism plan for sustainability as well as promotions and marketing. We lack in our ability to showcase real Goa to the global market and we fail even at opportunities that get at international travel marts wherein our representation leaves a lot to be desired.

Do you think the government of Goa is doing adequate for tourism?

In my personal opinion, I believe that the Government of Goa can do a lot more to bring out the tourism potential of the state. However, they lack an effective and sustainable tourism growth plan. Tourism in Goa has so far been an act of providence. However in a competitive tourism market in India and internationally, we need to be more focused on our tourism strategies.

Do you see opportunities for young Goans like you in Goan business?

Contrary to the belief that some sections of the society have as well as a perception that has been created about Goa, I believe that Goa has great opportunity for young entrepreneurs who have a clear vision and concentrate on sectors of the academy that are the sectors of the future such as tourism, IT, pharma and other service industries.

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