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An evening in Cherry Tomato

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Let me give you a small insight before we begin the journey. This seed was sown during tea talks in the office and here it is, the first chapter of our brand new Edition.

We try a new restaurant/cafe every weekend. This weekend it was the big burger place CHERRY TOMATO in Margao with mouth-watering Burgers and savory dishes. One tends to forget the food pictures once their food hits the table.

We tried a few different burgers on the list and they have authentic and different names. Maneater Reloaded, Rockstar, Atom Bomb XXX Hot, Spicy Paneer Burger were the ones we tried during our burger expedition, let me explain to you the ones you must try when you visit.

Maneater Reloaded

This is a multi-layered huge finger-licking burger with a Triple Grilled Stack of chicken along with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, jalapenos, and Mexican chili sauce served with French Fries which adds to the beauty of the burger. Just one burger will make you feel full with a satisfying eagerness to always come back and try it yet again. The different layers excite you to eat the entire burger in one go, on the other hand, you do not want the burger to be finished. The sauces are delicious and the grilled patty is an add on. 





Dog Mash

Dog Mash is one of the mouthwatering dishes which includes graciously grilled hot dogs served with cheese mash, fused with mashed potato. What makes it stupendous is the mushroom BBQ sauce over it. It is garnished with fresh mint leaves which indeed gives it a wonderful look and taste. The sausages along with mashed potatoes are so soft that you would enjoy cutting it with a knife. Once you get your hands on it, you would only look at the same and finish it off. The BBQ sauce adds a unique taste to the dipped sausages. The quantity is pretty good for a person but would not make your tummy full, you’ll have to go for something else if you’re devouring food. 




Spicy Paneer Burger

Loaded with soft, juicy, and flavourful paneer patty, Lettuce, slices of tomato, cheese, and jalapenos to increase the spicy quotient, spicy paneer burger is an absolute delight to tingle your taste buds. Served with hot and crunchy fries, this burger makes a complete and filling meal. It is a normal small burger with no layers. If you are a vegetarian then this burger is a good choice.


Rockstar (Only Beef)

Last but not the least, this burger is a beef burger with a grilled patty topped with cheese, bacon along with Beef Slurpy where Jalapenos adds spiciness to the burger. This burger is also served with fries. It is a layered burger with beef patty and sauces making it’s esthetic amazing along with the taste. If you want to taste something different than usual, say yes to the Rockstar Burger. If you prefer chicken over beef, then you can ask for chicken patty over the beef patty. This place will just do that for you.


About Cherry Tomato 


Cherry Tomato is situated in the heart of Margao city, Goa. This place is well known for its burgers. The speciality of their burgers is the quality that one will probably not find anywhere else. The prices are high but it makes up for the quality as well as quantity they provide. The ambience at night is nice. But the drawback being since it is in the heart of the city, one has to bear with the traffic noise. Also, there is no privacy at all. Having said that, the place is well maintained, hygienic and the staff is co-operative and well mannered.

If you are looking for a place to chill on a weekend with a drink or two, this is the best place you can visit. The best thing about them is their bar has a variety of liquor you would want to try.

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