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Vandana Rajiv Gupta is a professional, with over eight and a half years career experience in the ITES & Banking Domain. Experienced in the study of day-to-day Banking Transactions (Teller, Operations, Sales, Audit, Retail Acquisition) and providing inputs for the sales team. Also, experienced in core group activities for finding innovative solutions in profitability.

From the last two years, she is dedicatedly working as a trustee for her NGO, Sooch Foundation where her focus is to upbring & improve the Health, Education & Sanitation of Women & underprivileged children in low strata. They also work with an aim of making Atmanirbhar Bharat by tying up with NGO and people who are working for a good cause of maintaining the environment by making reusable products & helping us achieve the mission made by our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi of Make in India. What is the aim of Sooch?

Vandana: Sooch is committed to help underprivileged women and children in India. Our purpose is to provide them with a possibility of better education, sanitation & medical facilities. How is Sooch different from other non-profit organisations?

Vandana: This is an interesting question. While we have never tried to compare ourselves with other NGOs out there, we do try to play a larger role in benefitting both the benefactors and the recipients while being very enviromental conscious as well. This is something I am not sure if a lot of NGOs may be doing right now. We have tied up with micro-businesses who manufacture environment friendly reusable masks and sanitary pads that we use to donate through our campaigns. While serving the underprivilege, we also make sure that we generate work for these micro-businesses promoting the Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make In India initiatives that our Prime Minister launched. As we do this, we ensure that the impact to the environment is also on top of our mind as this is another area of focus for us. We not only try to serve the humanity to live well but also the environment so that we all sustain well. What qualification does Sooch consider for a teacher to teach underprivileged children?

Vandana: The education initiatives we run have been designed with a ‘child centric approach`. The instructors are volunteers who come from a well educated & successful background. We help equip them with the knowhow on optimal utilization of teaching the learning materials we provide along with different standards/ techniques that is required to promote compelling learning. There is also an effort to include the parents/ guardians in the process for a collective education/ learning.
 With Government Institutions providing free education to the children of India, is there a need of Sooch?

Vandana: Given India´s expanse and the fact that more than 18 million children are currently not enrolled into any kind of schooling there is no prize in guessing that the govt. schools with their limited infrastructure and the challenges with quality of the faculty would be able to alone solve this problem. A lot of children who do enroll into these schools don´t even get to complete their education and have to drop out given their socio-economic situations. If we are to succeed as a society in getting these children even basic education, then it has to be a collective effort of govt. and the communities. We are focusing more on pull methodology by reaching out and create awareness on education in the deepest strata of the society. We are making this an inclusive effort where not only the children, but their families are also understanding the need of education for their sons and daughters and become a catalyst in the process.
 What kind of medical facilities does Sooch provide?

Vandana: We have undertaken several campaigns that are aimed creating awareness at improving nutrition within the underprivileged by holding food camps where we have distributed rations to them along with the knowhow on the nutrional value of the food they consume so that we can reduce the malnutrition especially in the children under 5 years which is severe in India. Besides, we have made significant effort towards creating awareness around menstrual hygiene for women and have also tied up with micro businesses to provide reusable sanitary pads to the women. We have also actively campaigned to provide funding to the people who lack resources so that they can access better healthcare to attend to their critically ill children. How does Sooch plan to sustain financially?

Vandana: We have some active benefactors who help us stay afloat besides using our own money to help who are in the need of it. We are a young NGO and are actively looking for support for some corporates/ businesses as well so we can continue to provide for the people who are not so fortunate like many of us. What do you want to tell our readers?

Vandana: I would like to use this opportunity and platform to appeal to the readers of Goa Chronicle to come forward and donate generously whether it is cash, medicines, clothes, books, or anything that can be of value to these children and women who deserve a chance at a better education, healthcare, and life. We can be found at



About Sooch –

Sooch is a national Non-Profit organisation dedicated to help needy and neglected children in India. They’re dedicated for the betterment of underprivileged neglected and orphaned children in India. Their approach focused on helping them with care, basic education, personal development, emotional & spiritual need, intervention, treatment and bringing them to the mainstream.

SOOCH believes when you change a child’s life, you change a family which can change a community and ultimately the world.
They started with a small group and gradually many benign hands joined in for the upliftment of these children aiming to provide them a better future.


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