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An Open Letter to all Indics living abroad and in same boat as mine

It is with a deep sense of disgust, anguish, anger I am writing this.
Today something unthinkable happened : while on an across the table free wheeling discussion, my employer (from GCC) asked me rather casually : have you considered converting ?
For a moment it seemed I am hearing something or may be by “converting” he meant something different (knowing Arabs are occasionally not so suave in spoken English).
But my deepest shock was soon proven correct when he asked rather categorically: Don’t you know anything about Islam ? Don’t you want to convert ?
Recovering my composure, I told him: I know the basics of that faith and I am fine the way i am. I don’t want to convert.
He still kept pressing : Haven’t you read in detail about Islam ? I said matter of factually: No. And excused myself from his presence.
He gave a wry smile and that was that.
I didn’t join my current company by choice: Gulf was going through a deep slowdown and there were few projects and fewer positions on offer. Though not a position of choice, I joined in rather than to sit idle (my earlier company just had no work).
I relished the fact that this was a new type of project I was doing (can’t go into specifics) and the company was also quite renowned in GCC.
But this was unexpected and shocking. No employer in the past (owners / Management professing any faith) had the audacity ever to pop such an odd proposal to me.
I wish I had the power and the strength to quit in an instant throwing the resignation letter on the face of my employer but i don’t have another job in hand and have a family to support back home. So can’t get filmy and my emotional quotient kicked in.
Also popped in my mind a great man’s saying: He who endures survives, he who doesn’t, ceases to exist. Endure I must till my next break or job.
So here I am in front of you, stating my story. One thing hit me hard: I am an accomplished Engineer with years of experience behind, suave, competitive and yet if the soul vultures can consider me as a potential target, think about the condition of those not so well placed : unskilled laborers or workers.
The first feeling i had when i heard my Director say that was to return to India, change my job. Same way possibly the hapless people of Indic origin must be thinking when they get the nudge, shove or push to convert their faith.
Today post this incident, I rededicate myself in support to all those nameless faceless brothers and sisters of Indic origin who had to return to India owing to religious persecution from neighboring theosophic states but still have no citizenship or rights !
Disclaimer:   Any correlation or association with any Act passed in Indian Parliament is only coincidental
   …From an Indian of Indic faith living in a Muslim country

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